Thursday, April 4, 2013

NDSU and Planned Parenthood: Not a Good Idea for ND, Especially Women

NDSU & Planned Parenthood

Not a Good Idea for North Dakota, Especially Women

There has been resistance this week by both professors at NDSU  and the legislature relating to the amendment proposed to end a sex education program that is a partnership between NDSU and Planned Parenthood.  A 1.2 million dollar federal grant was given to NDSU to begin a Planned Parenthood program for at-risk teens.  Those who oppose the amendment argue that the program could prevent the need for abortion.  

After the passage of several life bills this month, it is clear that North Dakotans do not see a need for abortion and that we believe it is morally wrong to end life.  The partnership between NDSU and Planned Parenthood is of the state’s interests because it contradicts the values of the majority of North Dakotans by partnering with an organization that performs abortions.

Abortion has ended the lives of about 305,000 babies so far this year alone in the United States.  Does Planned Parenthood really seek to prevent abortion when only 1 adoption is referred per 392 abortions performed?  There are crisis pregnancy centers in almost every major city across the state that can already help women with unplanned pregnancies that seek life affirming alternatives.  There is no need for a Planned Parenthood Program.

The partnership between NDSU and Planned Parenthood could be in response to the 2011 bill that enacted abstinence-only education in public schools.  The fact is that at-risk teens do have access to sex education at school, but this is a way for Planned Parenthood to get their message of contraception,  sexual health, abortion, and advocacy for sexual activity,  to minors.  The language of Planned Parenthood about abstinence reads,

People may find it difficult to abstain for long periods of time and may end their period of abstinence without being prepared to protect themselves against pregnancy or infection… Most people stop being abstinent at some point in their lives.”

This language attacks abstinence education because it assumes that abstinence will be ended.  It also implies that pregnancy is like a disease because it is both paired with disease and stresses the importance of prevention.  This language is also appealing to younger generations who are easily convinced by arguments that persuade through peer pressure and the difficulty of alternatives.  Other language used by Planned Parenthood includes, “You can only do what’s best for you” and that language creates a selfish mindset that dismisses the needs of an unborn child.  Planned Parenthood wants to bring this message to not only teens, but teens who most likely don’t have parents or absent parents.  The program responds to the breakdown of the family in a way that destroys future families.

Planned Parenthood would not only be harmful to these vulnerable teens, but to women.  Abortion is 4 times deadlier than a mother carrying to term (Elliot Institute, 2000) and abortion can also cause infertility (Danforth, 1993).  There is a risk for emotional trauma that has been termed PAS (post abortion syndrome) that increases the threat for relationship difficulties, future abortions, suicide, and substance abuse (Rue, Speckhard, Rogers, & Franz 1987).  As medical doctor Wanda Franz explained to US Congress in 1989, “They feel worthless, and victimized because they failed at the most natural of human activities – the role of being a mother”.  Feminism should value all human life from male to female, and from conception until death.  Doing otherwise would be hypocritical.  

One thing is clear; North Dakota has an interest in protecting its citizens.  We must protect vulnerable teens from the message of abortion Planned Parenthood advocates and we must protect women from the harmful effects of abortive procedures.  The future of North Dakota and our families depends on these protections.  


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