Friday, February 24, 2012

The social driving the fiscal.

The social driving the fiscal.

Rick Santorum’s recent surge in the Republican presidential polls would indicate the public’s interest and support, in no small part due to his stance on the social issues.

Santorum is unashamedly pro-family, pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-faith—just about pro everything we stand for here at the NDFA. But he has a much deeper understanding of where America is today. Santorum has a firm recognition of the correlation of the cultural state of the family and the fiscal crisis in our country.

Today the breakdown of the family is evidenced in lower marriage rates, increased out of wedlock birth rates, higher cohabitation numbers, as well as other indicators. At the same time, we see a fiscal crisis pushing the debt limits to unparalleled levels.

Fiscally, the bottom line is this—married couples provide the most stable, sustaining revenue for the government, federal and state. The federal fiscal crisis we are in is due in part to the declining number of married couple families, with marriage rates having declined by 50% over the past 35 years.

Conversely, those providing the least revenue to government fall into the category of separated, cohabitating, and divorced. And in many cases, these require government assistance. This population is rising, with cohabitation rates increasing over 1500% since 1960.

This trend is of great concern. The number of families supporting the government revenue needs (taxes) is declining, and the number of families providing very little support if any, and very likely accepting government assistance is rising. As one researcher stated, “we cannot tax, spend, or borrow enough to counteract this trend”. Most estimates cite the cost at $112 billion per year, one trillion over a ten year period.

Compounding this spiraling trend is the slowdown of our birthrate, decreasing the number of working, tax paying citizens. In addition, of the births, 41% occur in a non-marital situation, with many requiring government assistance.

Understanding that research documents the common denominator of those doing better financially is the stability of the married couple structure, today an obvious phenomena is occurring. Over 83% of those in the higher income groups are married, only 44% of those in the middle/blue collar, working class groups are married. This gap between the “haves” (those married) and the “have nots” (those not married) is increasing. Where we are today is very reminiscent of where the inner city African-American communities were some generations ago.

Not only is this trend alarming for the fiscal future to this country, it is a moral crisis which we cannot ignore. We have an ever increasing number of children growing up in non-traditional homes, with 27% of children living in a single parent home and 55% having experienced a break up of their family by time they reach 18 years of age. And these children have a greater likelihood of not doing as well in school, turning to drugs, having children out of wedlock, and living in poverty.

Vast amounts of research document the undeniable link between marital status, the welfare of children, and the economic status of both the children and their parents. As a society, we must remove our heads from the sand and seek to affect this issue on a moral basis. As a government, our elected officials must recognize the criticality of understanding the importance of this issue and take action. The future of our country is depending on us.

Posted by Tom Freier
Executive Director
North Dakota Family Alliance


Monday, February 20, 2012

Polictics : Rick Santorum: What’s not to like?

Polictics : Rick Santorum: What’s not to like?

As I listened to Rick Santorum as he spoke in Fargo last week, I was impressed with his openness, genuine demeanor, and common sense approach to the important issues of the day. He spoke addressing all issues; including, jobs, the economy, health care, the national debt, taxes, national defense, Iran, and of course, the social issues of life/abortion and marriage.

He most certainly understands the importance of the breakdown of the family, not only as a social issue, but its economic effect on the country. He outlined the financial cost to the taxpayers. He understands that as traditional marriage declines, adults and children are put on public assistance—costing billions of dollars per year.

Santorum is truly pro-life. He does not have to be convinced of his position. He does not have to look at the polls to determine where he stands. Santorum is genuine, he knows where he stands.

Because of Santorum knowing where he stands, he was able to give his clear view on the president infringing on the soundly held religious beliefs of those who wish not to furnish sterilization and abortifacients. When addressing issues relating to his faith, faith related issues, he can speak from his heart.

With gas prices soaring, the cost of a bag of grocery staggering, the family is struggling to balance their checkbook. All this at a time when federal government spending is out of control, the national debt threatening the stability of our financial system, and who will be called on to bail out this failed policy? The Family. Families will pay higher taxes, and see their take home pay buy less due to inflation.

Santorum spoke with authority on America’s defense needs, restoring our relationship with Israel, and the real threat posed by Iran. He spoke of restoring America to being the leader of the free world respected around the world.

Some have suggested Santorum may be too conservative. Could someone really think that? Some say he is too socially conservative. America is crying out for a man of integrity. America is seeking a leader who respects life and the God given institution of marriage, a candidate to do what is right—representing the American dream.

A final observation, Santorum seems to elicit trust. And aren’t we all looking for a place to place our trust. And so, what is there not to like about Rick Santorum?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Faith, Family, & Freedom Banquet a Success

Faith, Family, & Freedom Banquet a Success!!

Jeff Kemp hits a home run with the crowd at the Faith, Family, & Freedom Banquet. He shared personal stories of his NFL career, his home life with his wife, and an overview of where marriage is today. He based the totality of his remarks as related to his faith. He inspired all to relate to the banquet theme to “Restore the sanctity of marriage”.

Chris Berg emceed, sharing his strong support for family and marriage. To personalize the evenings theme, a video titled “For Better, For Worse”, shared a real story of a married couple incurring marital problems. Through their faith they were able to save their marriage—a great, encouraging story.

Pastor Doug Vandermeulen, Community Baptist Church, Fargo, shared by video a wonderful overview of the “Role of the Church” in today’s culture, and in specific marriage.
To view Pastor Doug’s video, go to

As a Friend-Raiser the event proved very successful, bringing many new faces to the event to hear for the first time what NDFA is all about. As a Fund-Raiser, the event generated funds to help support NDFA’s major initiatives.

To view Pastor's Doug's video: click here.
To view the "For Better, For Worse" video, click here.


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