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July 22nd RLRA Update


As we head into the weekend, we have 13 days to gather signatures for the RLRA petition effort. Thanks to all who have worked so hard. Keep up the intensity down the home stretch. While thousands of signatures have been collected, many more are needed. Keep up the great work!!

Some have asked for short message to rally around, here is part of an ad which captures it in a nutshell:

“Whether prohibiting a student from wearing a cross to school, forcing a nurse to dispense abortion inducing drugs, or forcing a business to provide services against its beliefs—our religious freedoms are in jeopardy because of a court ruling by non-elected justices. It is time to act!! Sign the Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment to allow the people of North Dakota to vote to restore and preserve our religious liberties.

Thanks to those who helped in the Bismarck & Grand Forks Blitz’s, and in advance to those who will help in Minot at the State Fair. Still need more volunteers…in Minot…………………….

What will, should, and needs to happen in the upcoming few days:

- Many churches will do one more collection in the church,---thanks….encourage your church..

- Some churches will do an initial collection—GREAT NEWS!! Encourage your church…

- Will be collecting at the State Fair in Minot (Booth #2003 in Commercial Bldg #3)

o Stop by to sign petition, direct others to do so as well

o Will have clipboards with a petition for you to pick up & go out at the fair & fill one petition with 35 signatures

- many of you have a petition, (from NDFA, Focus on the Family, NDCC, your church, or you may have downloaded), we need you to fill that petition with signatures of family, friends, neighbors, and church family

o There are virtually hundreds, if not thousands of petitions in the hands of individuals from across the state, we should not rest until every one is filled, notarized, and returned. Do you have one? Please fill & send in.

- We have extended the deadline to send the petitions in—to—July 31st if mailed, or August 3rd, if hand delivered to the NDFA office!!

As shared previously, we are so encouraged and inspired on a daily basis by the hundreds of individuals circulating the petitions, and the many thousand who have signed—their commitment and voices must be rewarded. You can do that by joining the team and this great effort by participating: complete your petition, encourage at your local church, come & help at the State Fair in Minot, and of course---pray that God’s will be done & that all be for His Glory.

Any with questions should call the NDFA, or go to the website at:


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NDFA Files Brief Supporting National Day of Prayer,


For Immediate Release – July 7, 2010

Media Interviews
NDFA Executive Director Tom Freier
701-364-0676; 701-471-0477 cell

NDFA Files Brief Supporting National Day of Prayer,
Joins With Alliance of Top State and National Policy Leaders Demanding Reversal of Revisionist Opinion

Fargo. Today, North Dakota Family Alliance signed onto an amicus brief by Liberty Institute filed in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the National Day of Prayer in Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Obama. Those represented in the brief alongside North Dakota Family Alliance include Dr. James Dobson, the Family Research Council (FRC), Focus on the Family Action (Citizenlink), the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), Let Freedom Ring, and Liberty Counsel, along with 27 other family policy councils located in states nationwide.

“In her decision to strike down the National Day of Prayer, Judge Barbara Crabb attempted to undo two hundred years of American History,” said Tom Freier, Executive Director of NDFA. “The decision below was an attack upon our heritage and the religious freedom upon which our nation was founded. This decision must be overturned.”

When Congress passed a statute in 1952 calling for the President to issue a proclamation designating the National Day of Prayer, it memorialized the virtually unbroken tradition of Presidents from Washington to Truman who designated a day of prayer.

On April 15, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that the federal government’s observation of prayer is unconstitutional, despite numerous rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court that protect long-standing traditions of religious invocations. Today’s brief argues that not only is the National Day of Prayer constitutional, but that Judge Crabb’s ruling establishes active hostility to religion and must be reversed.

“Prayer is the underpinning of this country that makes it great. I am proud to file this brief along with so many wonderful groups. Our nation has a rich history of Presidential proclamations for prayer and thanksgiving, and we must not allow revisionist history to dilute that heritage and freedom,” said Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and head of Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.

"Since the conception of our nation, Americans have enjoyed religious freedom and the right to gather voluntarily for prayer," said Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action. "Judge Barbara Crabb's ruling squelches the religious freedom our Founding Fathers chose to protect in the Constitution and advances an activist agenda that is hostile toward religion in public life."

View the brief online at

North Dakota Family Alliance
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