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Celebrate Family Week, 2011

To view Family Week poster, click here.

Celebrate Family Week, 2011

November 13-19, 2011

The North Dakota Family Alliance’s (NDFA) 5th Annual Family Week begins Sunday, November 13th. Believing that marriage is the cornerstone of the family, and the family is the foundation of society, NDFA encourages all to celebrate the importance of the family, and families spending time together.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued a Family Week Proclamation at the NDFA’s request. Family Week posters have been sent to all schools and churches, and placed with many businesses across the state drawing attention to Family Week.

This year’s Family Week Celebration focuses on ‘marriage’, drawing its source from Matthew 19:5, “and said, for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh”. The institution of marriage has foundationally influenced society for centuries. “Preserving the sanctity of marriage is necessary for the stability of the family, and to insure the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren”, states Tom Freier with the North Dakota Family Alliance.

During this year’s Family Week Celebration, NDFA is encouraging all in North Dakota to promote the family in all environments, including: the home, in school, in our church, and in our job at work. Looking to our Family Week poster, determine how you can intentionally promote marriage in your family.

The week’s celebration will include daily interviews with nationally known experts on this year’s area of emphasis ‘marriage’. Dr. Glenn Stanton with Focus on the Family and Dr. Pat Fagan with Family Research will provide great information as they visit North Dakota in November. We will also interview Brad Wilcox with the National Marriage Project, Jeff Kemp with Stronger Families, and Bill Doherty at the University of Minnesota.

This year’s emphasis on the sanctity of marriage is monumentally important in today’s culture. The cultural problems in today’s society stem from a breakdown in the family, and the breakdown in the family emanating from fewer Americans living in the committed relationship of marriage. The very best environment for children is in a home surrounded by their biological mother and father.

As proud sponsors, Scheels, Miller Insulation and MVP/J5 Trucking have demonstrated their commitment to the family. They live out this commitment every day in their relationship with their employees and families.

Tom Freier, NDFA Executive Director, states, “A healthy family environment benefits all, and of course, most certainly—the family itself. And foundational to that family is a committed couple united by marriage.”

Please celebrate Family Week sharing with family and friends the importance of family, and that this celebration should not end with Family Week. It should carry on into Thanksgiving week, and then throughout the entire year.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Real Issue... Comments from Real People... Cohabitation...

A Real Issue... Real Comments from Real People.... Cohabitation....

Is this issue worth your time????

A legacy leaving issue.

I need 10 minutes of your time, maybe more, maybe less--depending on your interest. You decide.

Cohabitation is widespread, on the rise, and becoming more prevalent every day in America, and right here in North Dakota. It has already greatly influenced, and if current trends continue, it may well serve as the greatest influence on the moral fabric of our society and determine the cultural legacy we leave our children.

Please read Jim Daly's introduction to Esther Fleece's Washington Post article, titled 'Living together,' unmarried? Put a ring on it!

'With all due respect to Jim and Esther-Jim's introduction is wonderful, Esther's article is great (especially sharing an insightful perspective from a young female), but the comments in response to Esther's article put a face to this real issue, from real people. WOW!!

If you can read 10-15 of the comments, and stop, you...you..... well, I couldn't. If you or someone you know, is or has been involved in cohabitation, and wish to respond--you may do so confidentially to us at admin@ndfa.org or directly to the site as you view the comments, adding ndfa to your name.

To link to Jim's introduction, Esther's article, and the comments, click here.

Among the many, great links in the article-you may want to go to state of our unions to find this great, indepth report.

Obviously, all this information is intricately involved to our NDFA Marriage Task Force Study, which will meet again on November 15th in Fargo. (and the Dr. Glenn Stanton referenced in the article will address our task force in Fargo)

Please pray for marriage.


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