Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RE: Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment petition drive will CONTINUE

RE: Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment petition drive will CONTINUE


The good news is that the RLRA petition drive gathered 22,000 signatures. WOW, thanks to those 22,000. The less than good news is that a total of 25,688 signatures were needed to be turned in to the Secretary of State by August 4th for the issue to be placed on this November’s ballot. Even though that deadline will not be met, the RLRA petition drive will continue to completion.

We are so thankful to the almost 500 circulators, and those thousands who signed the petition. Your signatures will be utilized for the intended purpose, and were not gathered in vain. We will gather additional signatures in the next few months, and added to those already gathered will put this measure on the ballot in 2012. (By law an initiated measure has one year to secure the required signatures) So we have additional time to collect signatures.

Very importantly, if you have petitions with signatures, do not destroy. Continue to collect signatures. If you have a petition which is already notarized, send it in. If you have a petition and have not started to collect signatures, you now have additional time to collect signatures. We will share a timetable for the next phase of the collections, soon.

More than half of the signatures were gathered in the last three weeks, signifying the growing momentum of the effort. The message of protecting the freedom of religion and the exercise thereof, guaranteed in the First Amendment—really began resonating with the people. Those signatures strongly endorse the will of the people to vote on this measure.

This is a great cause. We believe God’s hand has been guiding us all the way, and will continue. We seek His discerning wisdom and His will. And we believe His plan is being played out. And so now we conclude this phase of the RLRA effort, by giving all the honor, the glory, and the praise to God, our Father the Almighty.

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