Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Plan to Save America

As we view the world around us and have deep concerns about the culture and the country we leave for our children and grandchildren, many are seeking a plan to address the important issues impacting the family. It is impossible to impact the issues without involving those who make the public policy, those in elective offices.

So we share a list of 10 statements, known as ‘A Plan to Save America’. Select from the list those which are of most importance to you, and present those in the form of a question to those currently in elective office, as well as those candidates aspiring to office.

Use this exchange of your questions and the responses to hold existing office holders accountable, and as a means of determining who is deserving of your vote on election day.

A Plan to Save America

The Declaration of Independence was both a political and a spiritual document. To the principles enunciated in that Declaration, the leaders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor as they called upon the Almighty to assist them in their quest to break the bonds of tyranny and give birth to a new nation of freedom, justice and hope. America is in need of such purpose and commitment once again.

Therefore we call on our leaders to:

1. Acknowledge the centrality of faith in America

We call for the right to publicly acknowledge God and the protection of our religious freedom.
2. Protect human life

We call for the protection of human life from conception to natural death.
3. Save Traditional Marriage
We call for protection of marriage to remain the union of a man and a woman..

4. Curtail judicial activism

We call for judges to be constrained by the Constitution and laws of the land.
5. Protect the right of Parents to direct the education of their children.

6. Limit the size of government

We call for honesty in our government, limited to constitutional functions.
7. Protect our economic freedom

We call for a free-market economy, because it rewards hard work, creates jobs and maximizes human potential.

8. Practice fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and reduce spending

We call for lower taxes and eliminating the deficit by reducing spending..
9. Focus on national security

We call for a foreign and military policy that protects Americans, maintains our national sovereignty and secures our borders.
10. Secure energy independence

We call for exploration, development, production and use of all energy resources.

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